Kollam Gangireddy is factionist and a Red sandal smuggler. He is one of the accused in the murder attempt on Chandra Babu Naidu in Alipiri, 2003. He was a close aide of Late YS Rajasekhar Reddy family. He is still facing charges of aiding Maoists financially in Murder attempt on Chandra Babu. There are several other cases pending on him. He was in hiding during Chandra Babu’s rule and later came out during YSR’s regime. Recently when TDP won the elections, Gangireddy escaped to Dubai with fake passport.

Recently, Chandra Babu wrote a letter to Governor to bring him back to the state. But YSR Congress is strangely supporting Gangireddy despite all the cases and allegations. YSRCP MLAs Srikanth Reddy and Srinivasulu ridiculously commented, “Why is Chandra Babu misleading the governor? Is Gangireddy the only one doing Red Sandal Smuggling? TDP leaders are also involved in the smuggling”. It is astonishing to see a political party openly supporting a smuggler on who several cases are pending.

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