YSR Congress Social Media Supporters Terrified?A crucial development has happened in the case of YSR Congress social media supporters abusing the High Court judges. After getting rapped by the AP High Court for not arresting one of the accused, Punch Prabhakar, CBI has intimated the Interpol about the cases on him.

Interpol has issued a Blue notice and Punch Prabhakar will be arrested as soon as his whereabouts are known. Punch Prabhakar is giving Television interviews from the United States itself thinking that Indian agencies can not reach him. But then, with Interpol into the fray, things are getting serious.

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CBI already arrested many social media activists of the YSR Congress in Andhra Pradesh. Now, they are after the activists living abroad. Meanwhile, the party is worried if this will weaken YSR Congress’s social media activities. With a message that it is not easy to get away after making controversial posts, the activists are likely to back off and stay silent.

With elections just two and a half years to go, that can be very dangerous. YSR Congress already announced legal help to activists who were arrested in these cases. But then, with the judiciary itself being the complainant, it is not easy to escape from these cases.

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