Delhi Liquor ScamThe Delhi Liquor scam is stringing tightly against the neck of several prominent political personalities across the country. A charge sheet had already been filed in connection with this case.

And now, a second charge sheet has been filed and it has many high-profile additions as we see TRS leader, Kavitha, YCP MP Magunta Srinivasulu, and also the chief minister of Delhi, Kejriwal himself on the list.

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There are a total of 17 names in the newly filed charge sheet and it is interesting to see the likes of Kavitha, Delhi CM himself, and a YCP MP in the same.

In the charge sheet, it is mentioned that Kavitha is not just a suspect in the case but she had also destroyed evidence in connection with it.

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The Enforcement Directorate stated in the charge sheet that the Delhi government had lost over Rs 2873 crore in revenue due to the scam.

Meanwhile, the opposition parties in the country are alleging that the BJP-led central government is playing a power game with this case and trying to oppress their political opponents through the same.

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