Nara-Lokesh-YSRCPNara Lokesh is on the verge of staging the biggest political comeback in recent times. Lokesh’s character is vilified for five years using Whatsapp University. Lokesh ignored it so long and the damage is inflicted.

Lokesh is busy scripting a blockbuster comeback after 2019. The Padayatra is some next level. We are seeing Lokesh 2.0 as completely different and aggressive.

YSR Congress social media teams and Blue media have become clueless. They are posting videos of Lokesh on social media which contradicts the Pappu image contradicts.

For instance, here is a video posted on YSR Congress’s Twitter handle. It is a compilation of Lokesh’s aggressive moments in recent times. They may have thought they are exposing Lokesh’s language but they are doing him a favor.

They are telling the World that Lokesh is not a Pappu as they portrayed.

It looks like the YSR Congress Twitter handle is being operated from the TDP office to promote Lokesh.

Probably, they should take a break a devise new propaganda to counter Lokesh 2.0.

Lokesh just walked around 1500 Kilometers. Wonder how clueless they will become once he completes the 4,000 Kilometers mark!