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Danush-Captain-Miller-Telugu-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

‘Captain Miller’ is about how Dhanush deals with the oppression in the village by mighty Jayaprakash and what makes him join the British and quit immediately. Also, what is the reason for a reward on his head and how he takes on the British forms the story that is set in a village backdrop.


Dhanush plays the intense role and carries the film on his shoulders. When it comes to performance, Dhanush delivers what is required without going overboard; that’s where the ‘actor’ in him shines. However, on the flip side, we have seen Dhanush deliver such acts before; therefore, it does not stand out as much. This is mainly because the character arc lacks the required emotions; it is more about action than emotion.

Shiva Rajkumar plays a brief role that feels very patchy and makes no impact in the film. It is a wasted opportunity; having two powerhouse performers like Dhanush and Shiva Rajkumar, there is not even a single fireworks scene in the film, which shows how weakly it’s written.

Sundeep Kishan makes a very brief appearance in a few scenes in the first half and returns to the screen in the second for a brief moment, only to remind us that he is still part of the film. He makes no difference, and it’s a super brief role.

Priyanka Arul Mohan delivers her typical performance; there is nothing to praise in the way the role is presented or performed.


Captain Miller is directed by Arun Matheswaran. To begin with, he chose a familiar plot in a village set up during the pre-independence era involving oppression and the greedy British rule.

The film’s opening sets the perfect vibe, showing the oppression in the village, insults, and a heartbreaking attack on freedom fighters by Indian soldiers forced by British officers. Although everything seems in place, nothing feels new.

But what follows is a lack of solid drama that is needed to generate an emotional connection. What we get is a spiceless transformation of Dhanush, and he is making attack after an attack on the British, which does not provide any highs.

Even cinematically, the liberties taken in writing seem funny. The powerful villain Jayaram requesting Dhanush’s help and ordering his men to kill him once the job is done shows how basic the writing work is.

Nevertheless, the interval action episode works well, generating hope for a better second half.

The second half exposes the issues highlighted in the first half. Emotions never rise, and the focus is solely on the hero delivering heroic dialogues combined with action. By the time we reach the ending action episode, it feels like action overboard for a drama set in a simple backdrop, with guns never ceasing once they start firing.

Key characters also fail to create an impact. Dhanush does his best, but the delivery focuses more on action than emotion. No other character in the film builds a truly emotional connection in the entire second half.

The whole setup is filled with a template and caricatured British villains, and by the time we get to the end, we lose interest completely.

Overall, Captain Miller is made sincerely, but its template story, lack of emotions, and caricatured British villain actors make it an uninteresting watch.

Priyanka-Mohan-Captain-Miller-Telugu-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

Captain Miller has several supporting cast members, and they all play their parts well. Jayaprakash plays the villain role, but it lacks the desired impact in the whole setup. All the actors who played British roles did their job well with a typical template approach.

Music-Director-GV-PrakashMusic and Other Departments?

Music by GV Prakash is decent with limited songs, but when it comes to the background score crucial for a film like Captain Miller, he only succeeds in parts. The impact is missing as a whole, but it’s not underwhelming at the same time.

Siddhartha Nuni’s cinematography is good; the visuals look authentic and create the vibe for the British rule setup. Nagooran’s editing could have been better; the film feels dragged at times and becomes stagnant intermittently. Artwork by T. Ramalingam is pretty decent.


Authentic Setup

Dhanush, Even though not his Best

Interval Action Episode


Template Story, Nothing New

Lack of Emotional Depth

Excessive Cinematic Liberties

Sundeep-Kishan-Captain-Miller-Telugu-Movie-ReviewDid I Enjoy It?

Not Much

Will You Recommend It?

Not really

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