current-theega-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Low voltage entertainer

“A” Certified, 142 Mins.

Current theega

manchu-manoj-in-current-theega review
What is the film about?
Sivaramaraju (Jagapathi Babu) has three daughters. He challenges with his rival that they all would be married according to his wish and they will bring no shame to him by loving. What happens when one of his daughters Kavita (Rakul Preet Singh) falls in love with Raju (Manoj) is the basic plot of the film.

How is Manchu Manoj’s performance?
Manchu Manoj after some gap has given a somewhat controlled performance. This is a big plus otherwise the actor with unnecessary modulations becomes tiresome after a point. This is a light and fun character and the actor plays it with pretty ease.

director-g-nageshwar-reddy-in current theega review
Direction By G.Nageshwara Reddy?
Direction is a weak point. There is content in the movie that could make for a engaging movie but the director fails to bring energy to the proceedings. Things just move from one point to other without any real excitement in a flat manner. It is primarily because of failure in bringing nativity changes to the going on. Still the second half is better in comparison to the first and the climax has worked out well to come out with a positive impression.

rakul-preeth-singh-in-current theega review
Rakul Preeth Singh and others performance?
Rakul Preet Singh is given a good character which despite being limited in scope of performance shines in the end. Jagapathi Babu is fine in his role as head of village. There are points where he overacts but he is fine overall. Sunny Leone is wasted largely due to the dubbing voice. Vennela Kishore, Tagubotu Ramesh and Dhanraj as hero’s friends are decent. Raghu Babu, Jeeva and Supreet etc add face value to the movie but there is nothing special from them.

music-director-acchu-in-current theega review
Acchu and other departments?
Music by Achu is fine with few numbers being good. Background score is a mixed bag with it being good at times and flat otherwise. Cinematography should have been better. Editing is patchy. Dialogues just about pass muster. Choreography of songs is good.

highlights-of-current-teega review
Basic storyline.
Comedy track involving Prudhvi

First half an hour.
Abrupt songs placement.

box-office-talk-of-current-theega review
Alternative take:
Current Theega as it is has all the elements to have an engaging cinema but those have not worked out fully here. The humor feels forced and gives a feeling of missing nativity. More organically developed comedy that is in tune with our nativity would have worked really well for the film.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, for most part.

Will you recommend it?
Yes, if one is patient enough to sit through few boring parts.


Current theega

Reviewed by Siddhartha

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