Dohchay ReviewBOTTOM LINE
A middling fare.


“U” Certified, 138 Mins.

Naga Chaithanya Dohchay ReviewWhat is the film about?
Chandu (Naga Chaitanya) is a youth whose father is in jail and sister who needs to complete studies as doctor. How he manages to provide for sister studies and bring father out of jail is what the film is all about.

How is Naga Chaithanya’s performance?
Naga Chaitanya is decent in the film. He has a lightweight character that doesn’t require any great histrionics and he is fine with it. All his breezy scenes with heroine are the ones that actually have any connect with the audience. He is fine in the action sequences. Dances aren’t his weak trait anyway.

Sudheer Varma Dohchay ReviewDirection By Sudheer Varma?
Director Sudheer Varma has gained command over the execution of scenes individually. But in the in process of creation of those moments he has lost grip on overall screenplay of the film. It feels patchy when we look at the film on the whole. The best part of the film therefore is the final half an hour where it’s designed entirely as a block and things move at faster pace with a proper motive and conclusion in sight.

Kriti Sanon Dohchay ReviewKriti Sanon and others performance?
Kriti Sanon is a given a different character than we are usually used to seeing a heroine in. She is good in the part but unfortunately it’s a one dimensional character meaning she goes about it in a one note way. Posani is decent in another character created around his quirk. Ravi Babu as police has limited appearance but gets interesting towards the end. There are a number of comedians both as part of hero’s gang and villains gang. They are all good whenever they get something to chew up on. Others like Rao Ramesh etc have extended cameo sort of performance and they are good at it. Finally Brahmanandam comes as a relief in the end lifts the film with his presence.

Sunny M R Dohchay ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Sunny MR is very repetitive. The background music is a mixed bag with it sticking out at few places. Editing is not good and that slows down the film. Choreography of songs is good but Chaitanya look awkward in few moments. Dialogues are hilarious in few places but they are largely Par for the course.

Highlights Dohchay ReviewHighlights?
Con sequences.
Pre climax.
Brahmanandam role.

Meandering screenplay.
First half.
Songs placement.

Drawbackes Dohchay ReviewAlternative take:
Just having the hero do what he does in the second half, things with motive, in first half itself should have made a better and more engaging film as a whole.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes in parts.

Will you recommend it?
Yes but with reservation.

Dohchay Review by Siddhartha