ice-cream2-movie-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Twice The Boredom.

100 mins, “A” Certified.

No Rating

j-d-chakravarthy-in-icecream2 movie review
What is the film about?
A group of young filmmakers go to an abandoned location to shoot a short film. What happens when they meet unexpected guests there is what the film is all about.

Performance by J.D.Chakravarthy?
JD is natural performer. He is good in the role given to him and makes people connect with it. He guides the other young cast being a senior which is good. The quirky mannerism given to him annoys though.

ram-gopal-varma-in-ice-cream2 movie review
Direction By Ram Gopal Varma?
Ram Gopal Varma is a master direction no matter what kind of films he makes. Even in a film like Ice Cream he creates the mood with the background score and suspense through the proceedings. The problem is he has no story to engage the audience. Films like these seems to be made to satisfy the urge if direction in him. There is nothing in the film in any frame that would give us a feeling of freshness from the director.

Naveena and others?
There many unknown faces in the film and they all have only one thing to do in the film that is act scared. Still they don’t manage to convey the feeling which should give an idea of their performances.

Music and other departments?
There are no songs in the film, luckily. Unlucky thing is its filled with a background score that is irritating to the core. Its not without positives, there are some sounds which gives spooky effect and that’s the most positive thing that can be said. Editing is neat.

Some sounds part of BGM.

Non existent story.

alternative-take-of-icecream2 movie review
Alternative take:
After all this time and after all these films there is really no hope or expectations from a Ram Gopal Varma film to deliver a fresh film. One only wishes that in whatever thing that he does he puts at least some effort in it. The mystery killer angle for example could have been realized better for example. Its small but important thing like that one wishes he takes care off.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?


No Rating
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