Krishnamma Movie Review

Bland Revenge Drama


U/A, 2h 18m

satya-dev-krishnamma-movie-reviewWhat Is the Film About?

Bhadram (Satya Dev) and Koti (Laxman Meesala) are on a killing spree coming out of jail. Who are the targets and why are they doing the murderous act is the movie’s core line.


Satyadev is seen in a raw terrain in Krishnamma. We have seen him in rugged avatars before, here he takes it a notch higher.

The look, body language and dialogue delivery is an asset and he manages to bring some intensity additionally during the main mass moments.

Everything is fine, but there is hardly anything memorable for Satya Dev here. More depth in writing and situations would have given him much more to chew upon. That’s not the case here and he goes about the proceedings in his style and delivers as much as could be done.

The rest of the actors around him mostly are like supporting parts even though the dialogue suggest otherwise.


VV Gopal Krishna writes and directs Krishnamma. The movie is set in Vijayawada backdrop and that too from a couple of decades ago.

The movie begins on an intriguing note with the pair of Bhadram and Koti on a killing spree. The voiceover commences and takes us to the past.

The setting of the movie and locality the director picks, Inchipeta brings some freshness to the proceedings initially.

Establishing the world takes time which can be expected, but the director takes more time in laying out the characters as well. It would have been fine if there was something new, but as everyone take a predictable course, the whole thing has a draggy feeling.

Still, the bonding is neatly established which is key to all the mayhem that gets unleashed later. The interval block keeps one interested enough to look forward to the second half.

The narrative finally gets gripping in the second half right after the intermission. The half an hour stretch showcasing the plight of the guys who are caught off-guard by the system and the eventual police brutality they face holds the attention.

However, once the key twist related to the whole episode is revealed, things slowly start to lose interest. The proceedings move towards a predictable outcome and everything related to the intriguing beginning also becomes clear as the sky on a shiny day.

The ending is as expected. Unfortunately, it lacks the required high which it tries for really hard. The emotional high is missing, mainly as the movie ends.

Overall, Krishnamma is another movie on the theme of brutality towards low-class people. The background and setting changes, but everything else feels familiar. Try it if predictability is not an issue for a few gripping moments. If the theme is too routine stay away.

archana-krishnamma-movie-reviewPerformances by Others Actors

The movie has a decent number of supporting cast who have prominent roles. Among them, Krishna Burugula, Athira Raj, Laxman Meesala and Nanda Gopal are key to the main proceedings.

Krishna Burugula and Athira Raj are technically the main lead pair in the movie. They are fine with what’s given to them. The former plays a righteous but shy in-front-of-the-girl of the girl kind of role which is done with ease. Athira Raj gets the typical stubborn outside but soft inside girl. She too is okay and goes about the proceedings without much dramatic requirements.

Laxman Meesala and Nanda Gopal have more dramatic moments on opposite ends of the spectrum. They are both reliable and do as well as expected. The latter helps in giving some gripping feel to the narrative. The rest of the cast doesn’t have much to speak about.

music-director-kaala-bhairavaMusic and Other Departments?

Kaala Bhairava’s music for the movie is okay. The songs, although nothing memorable, have a decent melody going on. The background score is also fine. The cinematography could have been better, though, keeping in mind the intended effect.

Krishnamma’s narrative needed to be tighter, especially in the first half. The editor could have been ruthless as there is a lot of repetitiveness. The writing has some parts that work but is mostly on routine lines.



Few Sequences Post Interval



Predictable Narrative

Lengthy Feel

Gets Routine After A Point

raghu-kunchekrishnamma-movie-reviewDid I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?

Not so much

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