Spark Telugu Movie Review

Fails to Ignite


‘U/A’ Certified, 2h 50m

What Is the Film About?
Wherever Arya (Vikranth) goes mysterious deaths follow. Meanwhile, Lekha (Mehreen Pirzada) is madly in love with Arya as she sees him as his dream boy.

Will the death follow Lekha as well? The real reason behind the shocking killings forms the movie’s basic plot.


Vikranth making his big screen debut is terrible. There are hardly any expressions on his face. But, more than that what makes matters worse is his lack of agility even during fights.

Vikranth gets a dual shades role in debut. There is a jovial and cool-looking guy on one side and an intense and serious-looking one on the other. Unfortunately, he fails to impress on either side of the coin. It is a forgettable outing for the debutant.

Mehreen Pirzada and Rushkar Dhillon are the female leads. The former plays the current love interest whereas the latter is the past. Both look alright but have nothing vital to do. The latter, Rukshar Dhillon is still okay as she has something more to do than just be a commercial prop.


A film by Deaf Frog production, Spark is an action thriller with a story and screenplay provided by Vikranth. He also plays the main lead in the movie.

Spark starts on an intriguing note with a death sequence. What follows next is a typical commercial entertainer narrative with a ‘dream’ love track and family fun blended with it.

Soon another romantic track involving the lead’s past gets mixed into the ongoing narrative. The editing makes the proceedings look jarring. As it is the entertainment doesn’t work and patchy progress makes one restless.

The only thing holding the interest in any way is the mysterious killings. The interval bang and the beginning belong to this category.

Things get a little better post-interval as we finally get an understanding of various things that happened in the first half. The routineness also continues with it, but it’s less comparatively.

The real problem with Spark surfaces when the core plot of the movie is revealed. It’s the absolute amateur execution that is the issue here.

The direction is terrible and the actors come across doing their own without any correlation with others. Things look all over the place even though there is a basic plot at the center that holds the promise of a gripping action thriller.

In the end, the juvenile execution turns overbearing with all that happens and a lackluster lead at the helm of the affairs.

Overall, Spark has a decent concept at its core, but the poor execution sinks the ship. None of the commercial elements too offer any respite which makes Spark forgettable.

Performances by Others Actors

Apart from the main leads, there are a few notable faces in the movie. The most exciting one of them is Guru Somasundaram of Minnal Murali fame. He is fine in parts but largely overacts.

Nazar is wasted and Suhasini, who remains natural and subtle most of the time, gets a little overboard. Vennela Kishore and Sathya try to provide fun with the little they get, but fail. The rest of the actors hardly register with their poorly written parts.

Music and Other Departments?

Hesham Abdul Wahab’s music comes across as a minor relief considering the poor quality, in general. The background score too is alright in places for the same reason.

The movie’s editing could have been better as the narrative has a choppy feel throughout. The screenplay and the editing never let one be engaged in the proceedings. The writing too is below par, but the expectations are lower to none anyway.


Basic Idea Involving Spark

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Amateurish Execution

Commercial Elements

Choppy Narrative

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