In a recent promotional event for ‘Aadi Keshava’, M9 News Correspondent Nishant questioned producer Naga Vamshi about concerns raised during the production of ‘Mad’, his previous successful film.


It is known fact that Vamshi had expressed dissatisfaction with the songs in ‘Mad’, citing time constraints as the reason for their quality. Currently, for ‘Guntur Karam’, three songs remain unfinished with only 50 days until release. Asking about the same, Nishant inquired whether a similar situation might occur with Guntur Kaaram as well.


Vamshi assured that despite three songs and only 50 days left, the remaining songs for ‘Guntur Karam’ will be phenomenal, predicting them to be chart-toppers and anticipating the audience to embrace them wholeheartedly in the coming year. When asked about the release of the second single, Vamshi revealed it is scheduled to be launched next week.


Assurances from Vamshi about the pending songs in ‘Guntur Karam’ bring hope for an exceptional musical aspect in the film, promising a positive response from the audience once the songs are unveiled.