Harish Shankar is a director who had a massive blockbuster to his credit, but success has been eluding him since that film.

While he’s not to be dismissed entirely, the film industry is a strange place, and the fate of directors remains uncertain.

More often than not, Harish Shankar is seen at events hosted by other directors, where he showcases his excellent oratory skills. Unfortunately, he tends to deliver powerful speeches at these gatherings rather than receiving project offers. It seems like he doesn’t mind this either.

Take yesterday’s event as an example. Harish Shankar praised Tiger Nageswara Rao, lead Ravi Teja highly, but Ravi Teja has not worked with Harish Shankar since Mirapakay (2011).

Harish Shankar has “Ustaad Bhagat Singh” in his kitty, but the film’s release remains largely depending on Pawan Kalyan and his politics.