A Bangladeshi woman who came to Hyderabad in pursuit of earning money got trapped in a prostitution racket held by a local couple. The Hyderabad police uncovered their story in their latest operation.

Getting into the details, Sheik Sonia and Mohammed Salman are a married couple residing in the Chandrayangutta area of Hyderabad. Sonia, with Bangladeshi roots and upbringing in Kolkata, holds good connections in the city.

Through an app, Sonia befriended another Bangladeshi woman named Sristi Akhtar. As their friendship developed over time, Sristi asked Sonia for a job in Hyderabad. Sonia proposed that Sristi could earn Rs. 20,000 per month by entering into prostitution. In order to earn fast money, Sristi agreed.

Generally, Sonia manages dealings through phone calls and sends Sristi to meet clients. However, one day, Sonia left for a neighbour’s house, leaving Sristi to answer an incoming call. Directly engaging with the customer, Sristi went to Attapur as per his request.

Sonia grew suspicious upon returning home to find Sristi missing. She found Sonia’s location after dialling the last number on her call log. Immediately, she went to the location along with her husband to confront Sristi. They picked up a fight after reaching the location. Eventually, Sristi dialled 100 and alerted the police.

The Police soon entered the scene and took everyone into their custody. In investigation, it was found that Sristi was married and is a mother of two children. She migrated to India and resorted to prostitution due to financial constraints back home.