Venkatesh and Sailesh Kolanu joined hands for the first time for a first-of-its-kind action thriller Saindhav which marks the 75th movie of the star. The film’s teaser which was released a month ago heightened the prospects for the movie.

The makers today launched the film’s first single- Wrong Usage. In one word- this one is Kich Iche Song. Santosh Narayanan who is known for scoring energetic songs rendered a dynamic number that has vocals by Nakash Aziz. Chandrabose’s lyrics are amusing. Venkatesh brings extra vigor to the song with his graceful moves.

Wrong Usage is surely an ideal choice to kick-start the musical journey. While the teaser looked serious, the song is totally enjoyable.

Produced by Venkat Boyanapalli, Saindhav is a Pan India film that is up for release on January 13th.