Telangana Results: Fraud Astrologer Trending On X

There is this one famous astrologer named Venu Swamy who turned famous on YouTube by predicting the future of star celebrities including film stars and Telugu states politicians. He shot to fame after he supposedly predicted turbulence in Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s marital life before it happened.

But as is the case with almost all the astrologers, Venu Swamy had also made a wild prediction in the context of the Telangana election in an attempt to gain attention. He predicted KCR won’t become the CM in 2023 and instead, KTR will directly become the CM.

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But what happened in the end is neither KCR nor KTR came to power. It is Revanth Reddy who led Congress to a victory and is destined to become the CM.

Venu Swamy proudly claims to be a celebrity astrologer and makes attention-grabbing predictions. No one usually cares when these predictions go wrong, but if they turn out to be right, the videos of his prediction pop up.

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But this time around, Swamy has been caught red-handed for his comment on Telangana elections. Netizens are mocking him for the fraud prediction on KTR becoming the same.

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