There have been complaints from a section of Team India’s fans about the slow gameplay of Virat Kohli. Often times, in the first innings, his strike rate is dipping alarmingly after the powerplay. This was seen in the game against SRH when he took 25 balls to score his last 19 runs.

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The worry from the Indian team’s fans is that if Kohli continues a similar gameplay for the T20 World Cup, then India could be in huge trouble. While it must be noted that Kohli’s contribution to Indian cricket is beyond extraordinary, the game is certainly evolving and we are seeing scores of 250+ and 260+ ever so frequently. In this day and age, Kohli’s slow gameplay might well tamper the team.

When this was brought up in front of Kohli, he said he doesn’t care about the negativity from people who haven’t played the sport and don’t know match situations.

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But the essential thing here is that the victory of India is above all else. This is the last T20 World Cup that will have the legends of the side, Virat and Rohit Sharma active in the team. So there is the natural pressure on the team to reward these legends with the trophy win. If this can’t be ensured, then team India could come under serious pump from fans themselves.