Actor Nani

Just a few weeks ago, we saw how Nani’s movies were hotcakes for OTT streaming platforms, with Netflix notably securing back-to-back films starring Nani.

However, there is now news that the movie Nani was working on with director Sujit, under DVV Productions, has been put on hold due to budget issues.

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Firstly, Sujit is a director who has yet to establish himself to demand a huge budget for a Tier-2 star like Nani. Even so, Nani has a strong OTT market presence, and it’s likely that a producer could recover most of the movie costs from digital rights.

So, which news is incorrect here? Is it that Sujit is asking for an unreasonable budget that doesn’t align with Nani’s market value? Or is it about OTTs buying Nani’s films at a higher cost?

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These two points are very contrasting, and the actual reason could be something different. Hopefully, we will get official clarity on this soon.