US Ambassador Eric Garcetti

After a number of recent terrible student Indian cases in the US, the ambassador Eric Garcetti issued words of comfort and solidarity backed by actions.

Abhijeeth Paruchuru, a brilliant engineering student from Andhra Pradesh, who was one of the nine students this year to have succumbed to their battle, is a symbol of loss of young life, not only for the Indian community but also for the whole nation. The grief of the ambassador can definitely be noticed in the solemn background, and the warmth of the embassador’s thoughts can definitely be heard.

“I am extremely proud of the fact that the Indians are among the best students in,” he spoke of it with immense pride stressing the importance and the impact of the Indian student body in the American academic set up.

Indeed, the ambassador’s address is not solely to conform the current security magnitude of the event but what it further suggests is great attention to safety and security. He advices students to keep up on campus, the resources to be available for, and to observe their surroundings. His message is clear: even though the US values the diversity among their international student population, it still employs various resourceful strategies to balance their wellbeing as well as their security.

In the midst of sorrow, the message of friends and families softens the blow and a stark reminder of international solidarity glows. The US through its steadfastness remains resolutely faithful to the cause of equality of learning and security for all even when confronted with a situation of an obstruction.