US department of agriculture

US department of agriculture and the department of Health and Human services have proposed new dietary guidelines for Americans for the period of 2025-30.

The highlight of the guidelines that has raised concerns and protests all across the country is the classification of potato as a grain rather than a vegetable.

The move comes after a study revealed that only a small proportion of Americans meet the required vegetable criteria. Potatoes being high on carbohydrates should rather be classified as grain as it could lead to sugar problems.

Another study from 2013 has revealed the nutritional value of potatoes that contains potassium, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and fiber.

The main reason for protest is confusion that would follow among retailers, consumers and farmers who are reliant on potatoes.

The protest has reached US senate citing the impact it will have on farming.

Classification of potato is historic where health and finance is fighting heads on. The fate may depend on how the government responds to the public demand.