Mass Shooting Indianapolis

Following a gunshot in downtown Indianapolis involving seven children, ages 12 to 17, police are looking into several leads. Shots were fired during the feud, which happened close to the Circle Centre Mall.

Six of the adolescents in the huge group that the police found had gunshot wounds. A seventh victim showed up after the other six injured youngsters were sent to hospitals.

All seven of the kids were shot with premeditated intent, and their injuries were not life-threatening. The incident has prompted continuing inquiries into the shooting’s motivations.

It was the third violent weekend in March when a gunshot happened on Saturday night, and Indianapolis police are looking into it. Five people were hurt and one man was killed in the event, which happened at a pub.

Mayor of Indianapolis Joe Hogsett conveyed his sadness and underlined the necessity for measures to restrict youth access to firearms.

He said that no young person, regardless of age, should be in possession of a gun for any purpose, and that a 12-year-old child should never be left alone late at night without the supervision of an adult or parent.