Prema Thekkek, her company Paksn Inc., and six nursing facilities that she owns or Paksn operates, agreed to pay $45.6 million to settle allegations of Kickbacks. They were accused of making false Medicare claims by giving money to doctors to get patient referrals.

The Anti-Kickback Statute says it’s wrong to offer money to get people to use Medicare or other government-funded health programs.

Once, a Paksn worker told Prema they were hiring two doctors for $2000 a month because they promised 10 patients. Thekkek said, “Great, make sure they bring in patients every day.”

As part of the agreement, they’ll pay the $45 million over time. Also, they agreed to pay at least $385,000 to the US over five years. They couldn’t pay all at once, so they set up this payment plan.