Minor Girl Grabs Killed

In a very tragic incident, a teenager in the United States has reportedly killed herself using the gun of a Sheriff. The deceased has been identified as a 17 year old girl. The LA County Sheriff’s office informed the public about the incident which took place on Sunday night.

According to the Sheriff’s office, the girl died because of a reportedly self inflicted bullet wound. The deputies found a girl knocking on the door of the lobby at around 7:40 PM. As soon as the deputy opened the door, the girl reached for his holstered firearm and a struggle began between them.

The two of them struggled for sometime and the gun fired which killed the girl. None of the deputies were hurt during the incident. An autopsy is yet to take place which will give a detailed cause of death. The death is still under investigation.

When the incident took place, no civilian was present in the lobby which could lead to speculations regarding the case. A thorough investigation is needed to clear the deputies involved in the case.