Indians car jacking victims USA

As times change, new crimes continue to emerge, and here at M9, we remain at the forefront, striving to shed light on these crimes and raise awareness, especially within the vast Indian and Telugu communities in the U.S.

There has been a rise in carjackings across the U.S., particularly targeting the Indian community members who frequently visit Costco stores for gas and groceries.

Although carjackings are not new, multiple incidents have been reported involving Indians falling victim to this crime.

To prevent yourself from becoming a target, here are some crucial tips:

Firstly, never leave your car key inside the vehicle while pumping gas at Costco or any other gas stations. Carjackers often seize this opportunity to steal or attack.

Secondly, avoid unlocking your car from a distance in parking lots, as it can attract thieves to enter your vehicle before you do.

Additionally, only open the driver’s side door when entering your car to prevent these gangs from gaining access from other side of your car.

Another prevalent crime involves gangs using underage children as decoys at traffic signals during quiet times.

These children approach vehicles asking for help or creating a sense of emergency. However, when you lower your window, they may show a Gun, threatening you while the gang members ambush your vehicle.

These gangs pay these homeless kids a little money and exploit them for criminal activities.

In several states, the prison sentences or punishments for underage children are very minimal, so they take advantage of this.

Recently, a young Indian student in downtown Baltimore fell victim to such an attack at a traffic signal at late night, resulting in a tragic loss of life. Despite being shot in the head, the student managed to drive for few miles before succumbing to his injuries.

While these tips may seem simple, they align with the patterns observed by these criminal gangs. It is crucial for the Indian and Telugu communities to remain vigilant and spread awareness to combat these threats effectively.