Indian Origin Warden

The Indian origin, aged 35 years old, prison warden in Singapore is fined by court for seeking a briber of sgd 1,200 dollars from an inmate, in return of not reporting on On Monday, a district court convicted Changi Prison Complex’s employee, Balachandran Thiruvenkatasamy with one charge of corruption.

As per the court docket, this was revealed during an inspection conducted by S. Balachandran on 26th, July 2018 when he found out that there was either a phone or its charger in the cell of an inmate called Saravanan Sell However, instead telling the police about it, he suggested that he would give back every money he stole from Saravanan for a thousand Singapore dollars. Upon this, Saravanan consented and directed her girlfriend to hand over the fund into Balachandran’s banking account.

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Yet, Saravanan filed charges with the CPIB and the warden was eventually apprehended with the phone and its charger discovered stored in the locker. Balachandran alleged that he would have reported the said items, but took advantage of them as proof. He likewise rejected seeking, as well as taking a bribbe from Saravanan.

However, the court found him guilty of corruption by citing that his acts were not suitable for a prison officer. Additionally, the court established beyond doubt that the money which entered Tek’s account constituted a bribery from Saravanan.

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For his offence, he faces maximum imprisonment of five years’ duration plus penalty of SGD 100,000 (approx US D74,000). His sentence is December 6.