Indian-Origin Guru Over Sexual Assault Allegations UK

In a High Court trial in London, Rajinder Kalia, an Indian-origin “guru” and head priest of a religious society in England, faces multi-million-pound lawsuits over allegations of sexual assault by former female followers.

The ongoing trial, which commenced last week at the Royal Courts of Justice, involves claims that Rajinder Kalia used his sermons, teachings, and alleged “miracles” to exert undue influence over his disciples.

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“I am deeply troubled by the accusations against me, which I vehemently deny,” Rajinder Kalia stated in response to the claims. He expressed concern over what he perceives as a conspiracy to defame him.

The court proceedings have detailed Kalia’s personal history, including a life-changing recovery from a severe leg injury, which he attributes to a spiritual experience at Deotsidh in Himachal Pradesh.

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His journey led him to the UK in 1977, where he began preaching and eventually established a temple in Coventry dedicated to Baba Balak Nath.

The temple, registered with the Charity Commission, serves the community through food distribution and elder care, with Rajinder Kalia as its revered leader known as ‘guru’ or servant of God, “Jinder Das.”

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The trial continues with Kalia’s legal team preparing to contest the allegations vigorously throughout the proceedings.