South Indian Films

South Indian movies have found their place in the international industry and most of the new films are usually released across several screens in countries like the USA and Canada. But the craze for capturing the business of South Indian films has resulted in numerous shooting incidents in Canada.

Ontario Police have reported that shooting took place at four theaters that were going to screen a South Indian film in the Greater Toronto Area. It has resulted in damages to the theaters but no individual was injured in these incidents. Police suspect these are targeted shootings with the intent to damage the business.

The shootings resulted in theaters like Cineplex canceling the screening of the movie Malaikottai Vaaliban, a Malayalam language film. Fans received a message just hours before the screening about the cancellation but reasons were not specified.

A local distributor of South Indian movies in Canada said that it is like a turf war going on for screening of South Indian films there. People are willing to pay as much as $30 for a ticket and it has resulted in business owners trying to gain a monopoly over them.