Alex Murdaugh

On June 2, 2021 Alex Murdaugh, called the help line and reported that he found Margaret and Paul dead! Who did that? What exactly happened to them? Is till date a mystery.

52 years old Margaret and her 22 years old son Paul, were brutally murdered in the month of June 2021. But no suspect was found at the time of the investigation . But, Murdaugh’s father, grandfather and a great grandfather all of them were top prosecutors, but they immediately denied culpability in the deaths.

The incident went to such an extent that Alex Murdaugh hired a man to commit the murder so that his elder son could collect the life insurance money. There were a lot of charges against Murdaugh for the financial crimes.

While providing details officers provided the team with some information that, while they were looking for suspects there were no one to be found.

The mystery of the death is still not fully resolved, but, when the double trial began in January and after six weeks of testimony Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of this hideous crime.

On July 14th, 2022 Alex was arrested for the double murder case and on 1st April 2024 the jury sentence Murdaugh 40 years of imprisonment along with punishments for financial crime.