USCIS has received sufficient electronic registrations for individual beneficiaries during the initial registration period to fulfill the H-1B numerical allocations for fiscal year (FY) 2025, including the master’s cap exemption.

The USCIS lottery system has selected an adequate number of properly submitted registrations for individual beneficiaries, as projected to meet the H-1B cap.

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Notifications have been sent to all employers with selected beneficiaries.

There are 7 different statuses for each application:

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1. Submitted: Entry is in for possible selection.

2. Selected: Entry was chosen for an H-1B visa application.

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3. Not Selected: Entry wasn’t picked for a visa application.

4. Denied – duplicate registration: More than one entry was sent for the same worker.

5. Invalidated – failed payment: Payment for the entry didn’t work.

6. Deleted: Entry was removed and won’t be picked.

7. Processing submission: USCIS is still working on the entry. It might take 72 hours to see updates.

People selected in the lottery can apply for H1B visas from April 1, 2024.