War Takes Life Of Indian

The war between Israel and Palestine has already claimed the lives of thousands of people. The level of destruction in Gaza is shocking and definitely concerning for the international community. Amidst all this, an Indian national has been killed in Gaza during an attack.

The Indian worked for the United Nations in the department of Safety and Security. He was traveling in a UN vehicle when the incident happened. They were traveling from Rafah to the European hospital when the vehicle was attacked.

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This is the first time an international UN member has died since the beginning of the conflict in October. Israel has targeted many aid workers before and this is not the first attack of its kind.

Israel has been under international pressure to not strike Rafah but ignoring all suggestions, the IDF has launched several operations in the region forcing hundreds of thousands to flee for their life again.

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Rafah was the last safe place for the Palestinians to take shelter in. Hundreds of thousands of people had already reached Rafah from different parts of the region.