Rebel Moon Directors Cut

After the disastrous second instalment, Rebel Moon is getting not one but two new director’s cut entries scheduled to be released on Netflix on August 2. Zack Snyder might be one of the most polarising directors in terms of consistency in the quality of content. His movies either hit hard or fall flat on the face. There’s no middle ground and unfortunately, the Rebel Moon franchise seems to be inclining towards the second one.

The first instalment of this franchise was not well received but it had some high points that made us believe in the content but the recently released Rebel Moon 2 is not even mediocre. There are some movies that fall into the category “so bad it’s good” but Rebel Moon 2 is not even that. It can be called a “snoozefest challenge” that is filled with slow motion.

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And now following the path of “Justice League”, the Director’s cut for both Rebel Moon instalments has been announced, “Chapter One: Chalice of Blood”, “Chapter Two: Curse of Forgiveness”, and each part will have at least 1 hour of extra footage. Even with more scenes and more context, the movies might not improve much in terms of entertainment quality as more footage can’t fill up the lack of good writing but let’s hope for the best.