First Real Superstar Aamir Khan Daring to Watch Movie in Theatres with PublicAamir Khan is popular as the superstar who set some standards regarding the performances of actors. Now, he set another precedent being the first Indian superstar who watched the movie along with the audiences in a theatre to give a huge boost to cinema business.

He went to a cinema hall in Mumbai to watch ‘Suraj Par Mangal Bhaari’ and interacted with the reporters about loving the film and applauding the performances of the actors. His gesture will boost the confidence of the theatre owners and attract audiences to watch a film in theatres.

With the pandemic shutting the theatres for six months and the theatrical experience remaining a dream for both the audiences and the film industry, this act of the Bollywood superstar would definitely revive the hopes.

The trade is expecting that the movie business would pick up after this. It’s Aamir Khan who took the precedent in Bollywood, will one of the South superstars also set an example similar to this? It would be a great encouragement for the film industry if they can do something like this.