Underworld Just Threatened Celebs, Not More - Ram Gopal VarmaTrailer of controversial director Ram Gopal Varma’s Guns and Thighs made everyone’s mouth wide open with the content in it. The trailer is 7-minute long which makes us understand that the director wants the people to get the essence of the series in the proper proportion well in advance.

He said he chose the series path, as it gives that freedom for the filmmaker to tell the story without any restrictions and lets the storyteller portray the film in his own way. To the latest talking to the media, he said that many think underworld and Bollywood have good connections, which is just a misconception.

In fact, Underworld never invested money in the Bollywood but have just had the business of threatening the celebrities or help their amenities, as he says. There was also a time when Underworld wanted publicity and used the Bollywood for the same and that they won’t have any problem with the filmmakers whatsoever as per Varma.