2013 Biggest  Gainers and Losers Looking at the biggest gainers and loosers among the top bracket of stars is the easiest one as its success has an all over impact that can’t escape the common man eye. Here we look at the gainers and losers of next set of actors who are in the process of becoming stars. Here is a quick look at who is making the right noises and who is losing out unknowingly, besides the top most stars in the market.


nitinNithin: If there is one actor among the younger lot who has benefitted the maximum this year it has to be Nithin, undoubtedly. The actor made a good comeback last year with Ishq but this year he took the comeback good will to a whole new level with Gunde Jari Gallanthayyinde. Among his set of stars he has now breached the 20 Cr mark with a debut director courtesy the stupendous run of the film to emerge as the biggest success story of the year.

sandeepSundeep Kishan: He has been in the industry for a while now and done many films too but hasn’t seen a major success. All that changed with the film Venkatadri Express where the actor finally scored big time with the audience. It’s the biggest hit in the career of the actor and it was with a debut director. Although Sudheer Babu too scores a massive success with Prema Katha Chithram it had the backing of brand Maruthi behind it unlike Venkatadri Express and this is what keeps Sundeep Kishan ahead of him.


naniNani: With a film like Eega behind him, Nani got a dream movie that any upcoming actor could ask for by getting a chance to work with Gautam Menon. Unfortunately the film failed but it still earned him good reviews. That still doesn’t make him the bigger looser but what makes him is the fact that he had no release in the year at all after hitting such a high peak. His next few releases in the coming year look weak on paper and if they too fail Nani would have rebuild all over again despite being in such a good position a year ago.

manchu-viishnuManchu Vishnu: For the first time in his career Manchu Vishnu had the chance of scoring back to back successes in two consecutive years. He had the right movie, a good heroine and right season to achieve all that but still, he failed to get the success. It might be his bad luck the decent Doosukeltha failed at box office due to the overdose of such kind of comedy family entertainers. He needs to continue doing entertainers but change the routine subject and see if he can get his success going. For failing to capitalize on previous success to create a small sequence and thereby missing to enhance his box office image, Manchu Vishnu is the second biggest looser of this year.