Anupama Parameswaran Tillu SquareTillu Square, the sequel for blockbuster DJ Tillu has confirmed 15 September as a release date. A new poster was released to publicize the release date.

In the poster, we see a hot and special attraction featuring Anupama Parameswaran.

What’s striking right away is the hotness quotient of Anupama, who is usually regarded as a homely looking beauty.

Previously, there were reports about the change of heroines in the film and how Anupama wouldn’t be the right fit for this glamour doll roll.

However, the makers of the comedy entertainer have put an end to the reports about the heroine choice with their latest poster.

Right with the establishment of the hotness quotient of Anupama, they’ve set the tone right. There might be no shortage of the oomph factor, as evoked by Neha as Radhika in the first part. Anupama looks to be up for the job now.

Had the makers released a soft poster, it wouldn’t have created the right impact, but with this poster the job is well done. Anupama has evidently crossed the barrier of her homely image for Tillu Square.