Alia Bhatt's Surprise: Will It Backfire On RRR?RRR has been the talk of the town ever since its announcement. The massive buzz around the magnum opus further skyrocketed after roping in Bollywood faces –Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt.

Do you know what is the screen time of Alia Bhatt? She gets to appear on screen only for mere 15 minutes which is the shortest in her career. The actress essays Sita and the team has called her presence as the surprise package of RRR.

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But the million-dollar question is will this surprise backfire on RRR? Alia is unargubaly the most happening and A-list actress in Bollywood. How her fans would react to her shortest role is to be seen.

Will they be meted out with disappointment to see their Bollywood super diva shine on the screen for mere 15 minutes. Will this bring any negativity against the team for Alia’s minuscule role? Well, this is like a double edge sword for team RRR.

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They have called Alia the surprise package of RRR. Despite being the shortest role, in such roles one can exude sheer brilliance with right emotions which could resonate with the audience. Thus at times runtime doesn’t matter if the role has a scope to create an impact.