DilRaju_AlluArvindAllu Aravind is one of the top most producers in Telugu cinema. He has called for a “serious” press meet later today and here’s what happened behind the scenes.

Allu Aravind’s camp says they have signed a project with Vijay Deverakonda and Parasuram who they previously did Geetha Govindam with. And then, Dil Raju announced a project with this combination.

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Allu Aravind says Dil Raju hijacked the project and this is the topic that Allu Aravind will be addressing in the press meet today.

But sources say Vijay Deverakonda say he hasn’t signed any project with Allu Aravind as such. It is understood that Vijay Deverakonda has great respect towards Aravind and he is orally ready to do a project with the latter. But there’s no written agreement as such and he hasn’t taken advance from anyone else but Dil Raju.

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It is heard that Vijay has taken advance only from Dil Raju and no other Telugu producer. The star producer took around 10 directors to Vijay and nothing materialized till the latter finally liked Parasuram’s script. They don’t even know if Allu Aravind has any agreement with Parasuram. The only thing Vijay did was okay Parasuram’s script who came through Dil Raju.

After this controversy, Parasuram reportedly told Vijay Deverakonda that he is not committed to do a project with him under Allu Aravind’s production and he hasn’t taken any advance yet.

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Apparently, Allu Aravind wants to hold a press meet in this context and he reportedly wants to speaks about how Dil Raju locked a combination that the former was supposed to do.

It is primarily understood that Vijay Deverakonda says is not at all involved with all this. Did Parasuram do something in the middle? Or is Dil Raju involved in doing something to remove Allu Aravind out of the equation? – We will have to see. Allu Aravind called off the Pressmeet at the last minute.

Dil Raju and Allu Aravind have been maintaining a cordial relationship for a while now and they have many business transactions as well. Did this go for a toss with the latest developments? Only time will tell.