Allu Arjun Receives Fan at Office Who Travelled 200 KmsSometimes, fans go to that extra length to prove that they are undebatable die-hard fans of their favourite matinee stars to just impress the star. One of Allu Arjun’s fans did the same now.

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The guy travelled 200 Kms from Macherla in Andhra Pradesh to meet Allu Arjun in Hyderabad at his office. Allu Arjun received his hardcore fan at the office and even had a chit chat with him, going by the pics.

A couple of pics of the stylish star with his fan from Macherla were shared by the PR team and we know how these days, Bunny’s PR team is missing no chance to showcase everything about the star.

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Here are the pics of the star with his die-hard fans. Check them out. What do you think if it’s worth travelling so far, taking the risk during these pandemic times?

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