Pushpa 2

Reports have been spreading on social media that Allu Arjun’s Pushpa 2: The Rule has been postponed to December.

But now the makers have officially announced its release date.

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Originally scheduled for August 15, 2024, the release date is now December 6, 2024. December was the release month for Pushpa Part 1, making it a strategic choice for recall value.

Releasing Pushpa 2 around Christmas could be advantageous, tapping into the Christmas and New Year holiday season. If the movie performs well, it could run until Sankranthi. The New Year period is especially lucrative for movies in international markets like the US, UAE, and UK.

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Akshay Kumar’s big franchise movie, initially planned for December, has been postponed due to delays in shooting and heavy VFX work.

Aamir Khan’s Sitaar Zameen Par is ready for a Christmas release, and Hollywood’s Mufasa: The Lion King is also releasing during this period. The first part, The Lion King, did phenomenal business, earning 160 crores net in 2019, raising high expectations for Mufasa.

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If Sitaare Zameen Par and Mufasa release as scheduled, they will pose a huge threat to Pushpa 2 by taking up 40-50% of the screens.

Pushpa 2 needs a massive release in Hindi to reach the expected 1000 crore mark, as the potential in Hindi-speaking regions is huge.

Pushpa 2 needs a minimum of 2-3 weeks of free window (no major clashes) to achieve the target of touching the 1000-crore mark.

In Telugu, Naga Chaitanya’s Thandel and Nithiin’s Robinhood are also slated for December releases but will likely change their dates if Pushpa 2 confirms a December release.