Back To Back Disappointments - What Will Vishwak Sen Do?Vishwak Sen has delivered back to back duds. His last mainstream film Ori Devuda failed to go big at the box office. He then made a cameo appearance in Mukhachitram which released this weekend.

After watching Mukhachitram and Vishwak’s part in it, one can only wonder why and how he accepted the role. Vishwak is seen for a good 20 minutes and in 15 of these, he emotes unineteresdly and inspidly.

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We get an impression that the makers roped in Vishwak just to print posters and build something for the film ahead of the release. This doesn’t help Vishwak in any which way.

Either way, Vishwak has tasted back to back duds now and he will next be seen in Dhamki which he himself is directing and producing. He is the main man for the film and it is evidently the costliest project in his career.

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While Vishwak’s talent can’t be undermined, his selections and choices have been questionable. Can he prove his doubters wrong with Dhamki? We shall wait and see.

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