BB Non Stop: Ep 20: Standup Rahul in Bigg Boss HouseThe non-stop entertainment of the Bigg Boss TV show is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Akkineni Nagarjuna is the show host. The show has come to the end of the second week now. In the episode, the housemates picked the best and worst performers for their performances in the second week.

*Push it to win it*
Push it to win it is the luxury budget task in the Bigg Boss house.

From team warriors, Siva, Ajay, and Chaitanya came forward to push a cart. Sree Rapaka and Mitra sat on the same.

From team Challengers, Akhil, Natraj, and Mahesh came forward to push a cart. Ariyana and Ashu sat on the same.

Both the teams have to push from two ends. In the end, Akhil fell down and he got injured.

*Best Performer*
The housemates unanimously picked Natraj master as the best performer of the house in the second week.

*Worst Performer*
The housemates selected Mahesh as the worst performer of the house in the second week. Initially, Ashu Reddy and Ariyana picked Mahesh’s name and he started defending the same but in the end, Mahesh has been selected as the worst performer.

*Standup Rahul promotions*
Young hero Raj Tarun and actress Varsha Bollamma came to the Bigg Boss house t promote their upcoming film, Standup Rahul. Both Raj Tarun and Varsha gave some situations to the housemates and asked them to perform skits.

Skit 1 – Tejaswi Madiwada, RJ Chaitu, Ashu Reddy and Ariyana Glory.
Skit 2 – Siva, Sree Rapaka and Natraj
Skit 3 – Ashu Reddy and Ariyana Glory
Skit 4 – RJ Chaitu, Akhil, Hamida and Mitra

*Best performer in skits:* RJ Chaitu

Bigg Boss sent a chicken dish to Chaitu.

Later, Raj Tarun and Varsha shared details about their film and informed the housemates that the film is releasing next week.

The inmates performed a ramp walk before Raj Tarun and Varsha left the house.