Anil-Kapoor-Jr-NTRTollywood fan wars are at the pinnacle point. Every fan group is at war with every fan group. Coming to the topic, here’s one such instance where the opposition camp has turned on a Bollywood actor.

Earlier today, Variety Magazine which listed Jr NTR as one of the probable to enter the Oscars nominations list shared a video of RRR’s chances at the Oscars. Jr NTR is mentioned in the video as one of the probables for the best actor award.

Reacting to the video, Bollywood veteran actor Anil Kapoor wrote “A proud moment. excited and looking forward to the Oscar nomination.” This is all that was needed to trigger a section of mega fans.

Mega fans say Anil Kapoor’s tweet is a paid one. A few are even calling him Anil Chowdary, in order to bring in casteist slurs and mock Jr NTR.

Anil Kapoor would stand to win nothing if Jr NTR actually gets nominated to the Oscars other than feeling proud that an Indian actor has come this close to glory.

This is the common opinion amongst many Indian filmmakers now. But Tollywood fan groups are busy spreading their negative narrative and calling others names for silly reasons. Well, all of a sudden Anil Kapoor has become a Chowdary over these silly fan wars.