Apoorva Lakhia’s upcoming film Zanjeer, a remake of the 1973 Amitabh Bacchan starrer, has come across some problems regarding the release of its trailers. The release was scheduled to be on Monday and the Zanjeer cast and crew flew down to Hyderabad to release the Telugu trailer.

The Bombay High Court demanded the trailer to be withdrawn and also ordered not to broadcast the Hindi trailer until further notice. It was heard that the delay was due to (late) Prakash Mehra’s sons – Sumeet and Puneet’s complaint against their brother Amit Mehra. Amit Mehra is the producer of the remake of Zanjeer which was originally produced by their late father.

He had already bought the remake rights from Sumeet and Puneet but they terminated the agreement that granted the remake rights. On realizing that that Amit was all set to advertise his remake beginning with the Telugu trailer on March 25, Sumeet and Puneet opted to approach the High Court one last time. The case was fought by Naik & Naik from Amit’s side and Little & Co represented Sumeet and Puneet.