Box Office: 2 Winners Gaami Premalu, 1 Loser Bhimaa

Tollywood box office welcomed Gaami, Premalu, and Bhimaa a couple of weekends ago and a clear trend in the box office office performances of these films has emerged now.

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Going by the latest box office reports, Premalu and Gaami can be termed as the winners in terms of box office returns while Bhimaa has failed to attract the audience to the theaters.

Gaami had entered the safe zone 3 days after the release and the makers stated that the film had grossed over Rs 25 crores till now. For this genre, the numbers are good, and more so, in the case of Vishwak, he got a lot of goodwill for making a new attempt like this.

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Premalu has emerged as a sleeper hit. After a sedate start due to Gaami’s domination in the opening weekend, Premalu picked up well and has reportedly grossed nearly 9 crore in the Telugu states till now. The film had its best ever day at the box office the other day, Sunday and this shows that it is enjoying a long run. This can be termed a profitable venture for everyone involved.

Bhimaa closed out its run after the first weekend itself. This film didnt have much going its way anyway.

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In the end, Gaami and Premalu can be termed as two winners in terms of returns.