Brahmi is still an unhappy man!

Ace comedian Brahmanandham holds the Guiness book record for acting in the highest number of movies in a language. He is still the most demanded artist in Telugu and is getting paid as much as 5 Lakh per day. He is currently playing lead role in a movie titled Jaffa which is stated for release on 29th of this month. And one more movie titled ‘Bangkoklo Brahmanandham’ is being planned under the direction of E. Satti Babu.

Still the actor is not happy. He is very keen on making his son, Gautam an established hero by the time he retires. But Gautam had been failing which is the cause for Brahmi’s disappointment. Both the father and son had pinned hopes on Gautam’s next Basanthi directed by Chaitanya Krishna of Banam fame.