RamPothineni-BalakrishnaUstaad Ram Pothineni delivered a disaster with The Warriorr. His last film was also the mediocre RED. iSmart Shankar was the biggest break for Ram in the mass genre category, but his subsequent films couldn’t create any impact.

Now Ram is teaming up for a pan-India film with Boyapati Srinu, who is known as the God of Mass films. Boyapati delivered a resounding hit with Balakrishna’s Akhanda.

Whenever Balakrishna’s career was in the doldrums, Boyapati came to his rescue and delivered stupendous hits like Simha, Legend, and Akhanda. Now Ram would also be expecting the same while doing this film with Boyapati Srinu.

Ram would not want to remain as a one-film wonder in the mass genre and would bank on Boyapati’s skills to deliver a solid hit on a pan-India level.

This film is also crucial for Boyapati as he would not want to be remembered as a director who gave hits mostly with Balakrishna.