While the mega family is celebrating the huge moment of Pawan Kalyan taking oath as the cabinet minister of Andhra Pradesh today, there has been an unexpected development in the family.

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Actor Sai Tej unfollowed his cousin Allu Arjun on social media platforms like X and Instagram. This move has shocked not only mega fans but also the folks of the Telugu film industry.

For the last few months, people have speculated that things are not going well within the mega family, especially in the case of Allu Arjun.

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During the recently held elections, Allu Arjun just conveyed his best wishes to Pawan Kalyan through social media.

On the other side, he personally went to Nadyal one day and extended his support to Nandyal’s YCP candidate, Silpa Ravichandra Kishore Reddy.

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This move has irked mega fans and they lashed out at Bunny on social media. However, Silpa Ravi lost to TDP’s Nasyam Mohammed Farooq by 12,333 votes.

On this side, mega family members like Ram Charan, Sai Tej and Varun Tej went to Pithapuram personally and campaigned for Pawan Kalyan.

Now, Sai Tej unfollowing Bunny has resurfaced the alleged cracks in the mega family. Fans are waiting to see if anyone responds to this surprising move.