Nani DasaraThere’s a long standing barrier amongst the tier 2 heroes and that is the double digit opening prospect. Not a single tier two film hit the Rs 10 crore opening mark.

Liger and Uppena narrowly missed the opportunity as they hit the high Rs 9 crore mark but couldn’t touch the Rs 10 crore mark. MCA and Dear Comrade too had good opening but not quite the Rs 10 mark.

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Now, Dasara is presented with the golden opportunity of hitting the double digit opening.

The film’s advance bookings have opened and they’re on an encouraging note. Given that Dasara is a mass film, the last minute bookings could be on a rise in the mass segments. And then there’s the Srirama Navami release date advantage as well.

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Dasara is presented with the opportunity of breaching the double digit barrier as it has solo release advantage and there aren’t any notable releases prior to that as well.

Dasara surely has a very good chance of breaking the long standing barrier. Can the film actually do the job? We will know on 30th March.

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