Nani_DasaraNani’s Dasara is coming up next week and the film has garnered hype like no Nani film has ever before. Thanks to the aggressive marketing campaign, nationwide events, and robust statements given by Nani.

The trailer also has helped in creating buzz for the film and the film is poised to take a solid opening not only in Telugu states but also in the US market. The film is projected as a pan-India film and will be released in multiple languages on March 30.

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During a normal Telugu film release, the team organizes some events like pre-release functions, and then the cast and crew visit different cities for promotions, and some interviews with online and offline media are conducted and it’s done.

But when it comes to pan-India films, the team has to organize many events not only in Telugu states, but also in other state cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai. To make a connect with the other language audience, the team then starts making some over-the-top comments about their film to gain media attention.

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The cast and crew cannot repeat the same statement again and again while doing multiple language promotions, and in that desperation to give new content for people to speak about the film, the cast, and crew of the film, unknowingly, starts giving frivolous statements and start hyping the film more and more.

When Nani first started Dasara promotions in the Telugu states, he said that they have made a memorable film that they are proud of. Then he started comparing it with Kantara and KGF. Now in the latest statement given to M9News, he said that Dasara is going to create mass hysteria in the theaters.

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Now if Dasara delivers on the content, and justifies the hype then there is no problem. But if it fails to meet the audience’s expectations, then it might seriously backfire.

Let’s hope Dasara delivers in a big way and justifies all the statements given by Nani during his nationwide tour to promote the film.