dilwale dulhaniya le jaayenge ‘Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge’ has set an unbeaten milestone which is near impossible for any film to come hereafter. The films’ dream run of 1000 weeks isn’t a simple feat to achieve for any film. The record run of 1000 weeks is celebrated throughout the country. Audiences and media critics are showering praises on DDLJ’s stars Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, director Aaditya Chopra and music of the film composed by Jatin Lalit.

But one more factor which really helped DDLJ have a dream run is Mumbai Central Railway Station (MCRS). This might seem too absurd to think. But it is true. We know that, since its release DDLJ has undisturbed run in Maratha Mandir theatre. This theatre is located very near to MCRS. Whenever the trains are late and the passengers got to wait, it is natural they run into the adjacent theatre and watch DDLJ instead of getting bored on the platform.

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The celluloid magic got the help of a railway station even. And ‘Maratha Mandir’ theatre holds the record of running DDLJ for 1000 weeks. Stupendously fantastic!