A lot is riding on Jr NTR and Koratala Siva’s Devara which is in the production phase now. As the film heads for its release this October, the anticipation is building on the film.

Now, an interesting video related to the film has started to trend on social media and it has something to do with a supposedly important scene in the film.

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In this viral video, a commoner, who supposedly went to the Devara shooting spot recently is asked to comment on the film, and here is what he said.

“Devara is going to be a mad experience. I got to watch this one scene where NTR anna starts slashing through thousands of people. He faces some 10,000 people in this scene and creates a bloodbath. The ocean turns red due to his endless bloodbath. This scene is going to set theaters on fire. The audience can’t sit on their seats for this scene.” the man commented.

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This commoner leaking the details of what appears to be a very important scene in the film is trending on social media now.

While the authenticity of the revelation will be in question, fans are excited about this leak, and at the same time disappointed that this random man spilled the beans on a key scene which could take away some of the impact while watching this scene on the big screens.

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